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WHO IS Thomas R. Loversky, Attorney at Law?

Tom Loversky has been exclusively practicing criminal defense since 1989. He started his career as a Los Angeles Public Defender and spent three years learning a great deal and sharpening his courtroom skills. During that first couple of years, Tom did hundreds of felony preliminary hearings and completed over 50 jury trials. He spent a year at the Metropolitan Court handling literally hundreds of DUI cases.

In 1992, Tom left to start his own practice. It wasn’t long before the Judges in Torrance called with a little problem. Due to budget issues, the Public Defender wasn’t handling many of the misdemeanors in Torrance. The Judges knew that Tom had a new practice and they asked him to set up in the Courthouse and handle the misdemeanors until the problem cleared up. It wasn’t easy, but Tom and his staff moved into the jury room and spent a couple weeks helping out the court.

Soon after, Tom became a Judge Pro Tem and regularly handled Traffic and Small Claims matters.

Tom Loversky distinguishes himself by his passion for the client’s well being. He understands that clients have many choices when it comes to legal services — and he expects to earn your business and referrals each and every day.

As stated previously, nobody explains things better!!. Tom will do four things when you meet – and they are all designed to help you understand you or your loved one’s case. First, he digs in and gets as much of the facts about the case as he can. Second, he explains everything; the law, the process, the consequences, the possible outcomes. He makes sure his client understands everything. Third – he lays out a game plan to defend your case. Finally, he will quote you a fair fee based on the facts and the gameplan you agree on. Tom keeps his fees reasonable.

Tom has been married to his lovely wife Denise for 32 years and has two boys; Zach and Kaden that he loves to watch them playing baseball and soccer and now rugby.